In order to eliminate waste completely, SOEMA has devised a new line of electronic shower controls whose system allows water to flow out exclusively in the presence of the user.
The electronic control - mounted together with the hydraulic part inside a flush-mounted box - is watertight and therefore it can be placed directly under the shower head. 

The box

Flush-mounted box in 1mm-thick stainless steel with outer plate in 2mm-thick AISI 304 stainless steel to be fixed with stainless steel vandal-proof screws.

The circuit
Operation: 2" after the user is detectedInterruption: 3" after the user moves away or after 3' of continuous functioning (automatic shutoff system)Operating pressure: 1 ÷ 10 barWater flow at 3 bar: 8l/minSupply: 220/12Vac 10VA transformer Class II IP40

Without manual push-button for operation and interruption of the water flow for cold or pre-mixed water (D501 - D501T)

electronic shower controls electronic shower controls