LPC20 is a control box used for dosing the quantity of disinfectant of the special tank for washing feet. It can be combined with barrier controls (D5605, D506, D507), shower arches (ARSC 32, ARSC 3) or shower tunnels (TUND 01, TUND 02). It is made of plastic reinforced by fibre glass and is complete with assembled filter, check valves and mixer pump for disinfectant. PC20 is equipped with manual control for filling up of the tank. When a user steps through the tunnel, non disinfected water flows out of the shower arches while the tank is filled up with a solution of water and disinfectant: this avoids any type of waste and ensures the highest hygiene. The assembled control-box consists of n. 2 ball taps, one cartridge filter, one mixer pump for anti-fungi liquid with check valve on the inlet of the pump itself. Fitted with piston-operated 1" solenoid valve for control of the shower tunnel and filling up of the tank. 

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