BATHROOM TOPSbathroom tops wash basins LIDO

Coordinated with furnishings in HPL, they can be made either of a single plate moulded laminated smooth and pleasant design to ensure the highest hygiene or in acrial, an advanced composite material, combination of natural minerals and acrylic polymers, homogeneous, not porous throughout its thickness, inert, non-toxic, particularly resistant and recommended mainly for public places as well as for operating rooms and intensive care units.

bathroom tops wash basins LIDO BABY
Bathroom tops with anti-overflowing edges and side and front borders of 30cm, particularly suitable for doctor’s surgeries,
delivery rooms, nurseries and early childhood centres.
Available in two versions:
- Lido Baby - 1
- Lido Baby - 2
bathroom tops wash basins PLATEA

The bathroom tops of this line are made of Postforming stratificato HPL laminate, have a max. length of 4.200 mm and are derived from one single plate without sharp edges endowed with finely-shaped frontal bar and backsplash. They can be either suspended on support and fixing brackets in 2mm-thick shot-peened stainless steel (PLATEA) or combined with an elegant inspectionable cabinet.

bathroom tops wash basins INTEGRA-V

INTEGRA -V is the glass version of the series INTEGRA which creates a new concept of hightraffic
public environments (hotels) by proposing an alternative material to acrial.
As well as being solid, reliable and functional, INTEGRA-V can be considered as an absolutely
unique and valuable piece of furniture.


bathroom tops wash basins INTEGRA-M/INTEGRA-S

Innovative channel-type washbasin in acrial (colour:white) with integrated flush-mounted electronic soap dispenser, tap and hand-dryer.
OPTIONAL: mirror (also available in the backlit LED version) with the writing SOAP-WATERAIR to direct the user’s hands. The washbasins of the INTEGRA-M or INTEGRA-S versions can have one, two or three stations and can be fitted with all dispensers or with some of them.