DOUBLE DOOR - Double-door boxes in C-HPL

SOEMA double-door boxes - whose installation does not require any brickwork - are the perfect solution for separating the area covered barefoot and the area trodden with one’s shoes of swimming centres.
The technical features of the materials used for the production of double-door cabins are the same as those of the line of partitions GALLERIA. Double-door boxes are quite similar to traditional ones but they are not leaning against the wall and are equipped with doors on both entrance and exit sides.
The boxes, which are assembled in continuous modules and suspended at a distance of 430mm from the floor. Separate different areas making the most of the space inside the cabins. The two doors can be blocked or unblocked at the same time by a special device inserted in the recess obtained between the bench and the door.

Double-door boxes in C-HPLDouble-door boxes in C-HPL Double-door boxes in C-HPL