Single-block electronic urinal in ceramic.
It has the same features as ELLIPSE except for the tank-washing system operated by a solenoid valve. It can be combined with the special floor for urinals PAVIMOR. Equipped with 220/18Vac safety transformer approved by IMQ, threaded fixing bars, flexible pipes for connection to the waterworks, two ball stopcocks, drain-trap. CE certified.

Operating features • Operation: 3” after the user is detected
• Interruption: 10” after the user moves away or after 10’ of continuous functioning (automatic shutoff system)
• Tank-washing system operation: 10” after the user goes away
• Tank-washing time: 4”
• Operating pressure: 1 ÷ 10 bar
• Water flow at 3 bars: 0 ÷ 12 l/min
• Quantity of flushed water of tank-washing system: 0.7 l
• Supply: 220/18Vac 10VA transformer Class II IP40 

Hydraulic and electronic parts housed inside the ceramic bowl - 18Vac Transformer (ELLIPSE/3T) and tank-cleaning system Spraying nozzle for ELLIPSE 3 - 18Vac Transformer (UGEL) if not equipped with PAVIMOR

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