GHIBLI is an innovation in the field of electronic hand-dryers. 

Technical specifications and design 
Its technical features and design ensure perfect hygiene and energy saving.
The unit is vandal-proof, safe and long-lasting and therefore it is particularly suitable for public places and wherever people gather in large numbers.
Its coaxial-type motor is equipped with a turbine which creates high air flow capacity thereby reducing drying times.
The total input is fairly low with consequent reduction in running costs.
An infrared photocell circuit with solid-state relay enables the machine to switch on and off by backward and forward movement of the hands; power consumption is thus restricted to the effective time of operation.
By fitting GHIBLI onto bracket STGHIBLI, the hand-dryer becomes a practical hair-dryer.
Thanks to its special features, GHIBLI is now becoming top priority in factories, hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens, service areas, swimming pools, gym clubs, camping sites, etc.

Air flow capacity: 120m3/hOperating Voltage: 230V - 50/60HzPower: 1300 WattInsulation class: class IWeight: 4.2 kg

Electronic, hot air flow, stainless steel (GHIBLI)VElectronic, hot air flow, white outer casing (GHIBLI/W)Electronic, hot air flow, grey outer casing (GHIBLI/G)Electronic, hot air flow, yellow outer casing (GHIBLI/Y)Electronic, hot air flow, red outer casing (GHIBLI/R)Bracket for changing into hair-drier (STGHIBLI)

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