The outside panels of this line of lockers are 8 mm thick while the doors are 12 mm thick. All finishes are in anodized aluminium. The hinges in anodized aluminium are built into the thickness of the door so as to make the surface perfectly smooth. The thickness of the laminated panels and the combination of aluminium section bars with shaped hinges make this line of products particularly solid and aesthetically pleasing. The standard type of lock is fitted with a key and can be opened with a master key.

Vented lockers
This optional version features a special air circulation system aimed at eliminating bad smells produced from the clothesplaced inside the locker. The air penetrates the door slits and circulates inside the locker since it is sucked by theunderlying channel.
A column making part of the suction system channels bad air outside.
The air channelling system can be checked thanks to the removable panel placed under the shoe rack. This product line is particularly suitable for changing rooms of factories, food-processing plants, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.