Sanification and legionella

Both natural and artificial water environments are the ideal habitat for the spreading of the bacterium Legionella. In sanitary hot water installations, where the level of water temperature is medium and water tends to stagnate, bacteria hide and spread. To prevent this phenomenon, it is essential to carry out
prevention and careful periodic maintenance.
This can be done by implementing the main lines of the installations with a recirculation system, by introducing a disinfecting chemical agent (or boiling water) in the system and, last but not least, by using an efficient programmed water flow at each outlet.
For this purpose, Soema has come up with the project SANA SYSTEM leading to the creation of a whole range of programmable electronic devices for delivery and automatic control of the water flow. These systems are particularly recommended in such places as schools, hospitals, hotels, swimming-pools, gym clubs, etc. in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the existing sanification systems.