(22. 08. 2020)

SPSI-toaleti i svalcioniceThe sanitizer dispenser C624 is the latest NO-TOUCH solution from Soema which can be also completed with the HYGIENIC TOWER. The battery or the power supply functioning and the possibility to use any sanitizer make it easy to be installed and suitable for any location where HYGIENE is a must.

(06. 08. 2014)

elektronska slavina BriosoA perfect match of functionality, safety and simple compact construction. It is ideal for installation in hotels, restaurants, cafes, service areas and public places where the need is felt for water-saving hygienic equipment. Its reliability, easy installation and maintenance together with an essential pleasant design and an extraordinary sturdiness make it a best-seller in the field.

New self sufficient ventilation ASPIRONE

(05. 08. 2014)

imgThis innovative “self sufficient ventilation” system has being designed to eliminate foul odors directly from the interior of the toilet bowl and has important performance in fasttraffic bathrooms and changing facilities that many people visit constantly. Traditionally a bathroom “intake system discharges stale air from the interior outwards through the normal ventilation network of the room after foul odors have spread.

New Anti-stick water film flow VELO/ANTI-STICK

(05. 08. 2014)

imgSOEMA electronic flushing systems have been specifically devised for high-traffic public bathrooms and changing facilities. They are highly reliable and ensure perfect hygiene reducing at the same time the need of manual cleaning. Their operation is completely automatic in order to avoid contact with any button or lever. When the user is in front of the toilet, the photocell operates the release of an even antistik water film flow all over the inner surface of the bowl.

SPIS-Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional System

(05. 08. 2014)

imgNew unique system of construction of toilets and locker rooms briefly named SPIS - Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional System.

New line of electric taps called BRIOSO

(06. 08. 2014)

imgSOEMA design team has put its signature on the new line of electric taps called BRIOSO which is finalized through a sophisticated design and premium hand-made with the use of non-recycled materials.