LE PARETI ITALIA d.o.o. represents reputable Italian companies SOEMA srl which is a leader in its field.

SOEMASOEMA srl is specialized for the design and production of complete toilets and locker rooms for professional use such as industrial, sport, logistic and commercial centers. Our range of products includes several types of sanitary partitions, compartments, electronic systems, networks and other fittings.




New self sufficient ventilation ASPIRONE

(27. 10. 2014)

self sufficient ventilationThis innovative “self sufficient ventilation” system has being
designed to eliminate foul odors directly from the interior
of the toilet bow and has important performance in fasttraffic bathrooms and changing facilities that many people visit constantly.

New Anti-stick water film flow VELO/ANTI-STICK

(27. 10. 2014)

electronic flushing systemsSOEMA electronic flushing systems have been specifically
devised for high-traffic public bathrooms and changing
facilities. They are highly reliable and ensure perfect hygiene
reducing at the same time the need of manual cleaning.

SPIS-Sanitary Prefabricated Inspectional System.

(05. 08. 2014)

system of construction of toilets and locker roomsNew unique system of construction of toilets and locker rooms briefly named SPIS






New line of electric taps called BRIOSO

(06. 08. 2014)

electric tapsSOEMA design team has put its signature on the new line of electric taps called BRIOSO which is finalized through a sophisticated design and premium hand-made with the use of non-recycled materials.