Automatic device

Automatic device incorporated in a white plastic casing fitted with a stainless steel support. It consists of a watertight aluminum container including two alkaline batteries “C” and an electronic circuit for controlling and transferring data via infrared (for periodic connection to the PDA SANA PAD2), and of a hydraulic part in brass with a bistable latching solenoid valve and a temperature probe.
Battery-operated and stand-alone, it is equipped with a green LED warning light inserted in the electronic circuit; from the way the LED flashes it is possible to detect faults or to monitor the regular functioning of the system. The programmed water flow device, which collects hot water from the outlet of the water piping system and conveys it straight into the drain, can be positioned under the washbasin, near the bidet or inside the shower.

SANA FLUS - Automatic device

Four-tube system

A specific range of taps for washbasin, bidet and shower complete with programmed water flow device SANA FLUS to ensure the most effective disinfection and sanification not only of the water system but also of the taps and fittings, where the bacterium Legionella can always hide and spread.

SANA FLUS - Four-tube system