Portable device

SANA PAD is a battery-operated portable device specifically conceived for communicating via infrared with the various programmed water flow devices. It allows to program and detect the events recorded in their memory. The following data can be downloaded from the memory of the programmed water flow devices: ID of the device which inserted the program, date/ time/length of the programmed water flows, time elapsed between the solenoid valve
opening and the moment the water temperature exceeds a pre-determined threshold.
All the data can then be transferred from the PDA to a computer through a USB cable and interpreted through a specific software devised for reading, analyzing, checking and printing information. This makes it possible to detect faults or failures in the programmed water flow and meanwhile, to check the pipes functioning alterations analysing the temperatures variation over time.
The inside battery is recharged while the computer is connected to the computer through a USB cable.

SANA PAD - Portable device