Electronic tap - Semplice

It stands out for its simple harmonious design but also for its extraordinary quality/price ratio. Entirely made of solid brass. The water flow output system is based on a special solenoid valve patented by SOEMA. Thanks to its design, it can be matched with any kind of taps and fittings (even the most traditional ones). It can be powered either by a (12Vac) transformer or by a (9V) battery. 


For cold or premixed water/with mixer/with underbasin manual premixerAll the versions are endowed with a newly-devised small-sized infrared electronic circuit with built-in automatic shutoff system which is operated after 60 seconds of continuous functioning

Technical specifications
Operating pressure: 1 - 10 bar Water flow: 9l/min. with flow regulator Finish: chrome

electronic tap electronic tap electronic tap