The lockers of this line are equipped with 4mm-thick outside panels, 8 mm-thick doors and either 6mm-thick or 4mm-thick inside panels.
The locker frame consists of solid section bars in anodized aluminium without grooves or gaps with which the back and side panels are assembled. The legs are placed at the end of the section bars. The fixed tiers between one door and the other are inserted in the section bars of the frame. The hinges in anodized aluminium are placed in the section bars throughout the height of each door thus making it particularly sturdy.
The hinges are fitted with a blocking device from 90° to 110° thus making access to the locker extremely easy.
The ledge profiles - which are also measured throughout the length of each door - are equipped with rubber gaskets acting as shock absorbers.
The number of each door is laser printed on stainless steel plates.
The standard type of lock is fitted with a key and can be opened with a master key. It is complete with an inner accident prevention lock guard. 

Vented lockers
This optional version features a special air circulation system aimed at eliminating bad smells produced from the clothesplaced inside the locker. The air penetrates the door slits and circulates inside the locker since it is sucked by theunderlying channel.
A column making part of the suction system channels bad air outside.
The air channelling system can be checked thanks to the removable panel placed under the shoe rack. This product line is particularly suitable for changing rooms of factories, food-processing plants, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.