Vaidim 31 - Electronic flushometer with floor-washing system

WC unit with electronic flushing system (flushometer type) complete with inspectionable filter, stopcock for opening, adjusting and interrupting the water flow, manual push button for flushing and solenoid valve which are all housed inside a stainless steel box.
The control operates water sprayers for cleaning the tank underlying (see PAVIMWC or PAVIMOR). The solid flushmounted zinc-plated frame is equipped with the following pre-assembled items: a stainless steel box containing the electronic control, connection pipes, a draintrap and screw studs for fixing the toilet bowl.
Specially-devised suspended toilet bowl in white ceramic with two inlets and one outlet, fitted with sprayers for antistick water film flow all over its inner surface. Hydraulic part in polyamide 66 charged with fibreglass with builtin manual push-button and water flow regulators for water film flow and flushing. Infrared electronic circuit with adjustment of flushing and tankwashing times.
Outer plate in 2 mm-thick AISI 304 stainless steel fixed with vandal-proof stainless steel screws. VAIDIM6 is also available in the versions for people with disabilities (VAIDIM/6FT/D) and for kids (VAIDIM/5FT/B).
Equipped with 220/12Vac safety transformer. CE certified.

Tip-up toilet seat not included (see page 22 BUTTERFLY).
The flushometer VAIDIM/6 can be combined with floor units PAVIMWC or PAVIMOR. (see page 28-29)

Operating features:
• Water film flow operation: 3’’after the user is detected
• Flushing operation: 2” after the user moves away.

Flushing is operated only after 8’’ of continuous detection.
• Flushing time: adjustable from 2 ”to 10” adjusted at 4”
• Tank-washing system operation: immediately after flushing
• Tank-washing time: 8”
• Operating pressure: 3 – 10 bar
• Supply: 220/12Vac 6VA transformer Class II IP64
• Water flow at 3 bar: 0-120 l/min
• Quantity of flushed water: from 4l to 20l (adjusted at 8l) + 5l for tank washing

Vaidim 31 - Electronic flushometer with floor-washing system Vaidim 31 - Electronic flushometer with floor-washing system