SIPARIO - Single doors in C-HPL

In furnishing changing rooms and bathrooms of sports facilities, factories, plants, hospitals and clinics, shopping centres, schools, etc, sturdiness of materials and refined functional design are essential. Products are also required to be easy to clean, compliant with sanitary standards and available in a wide range of colours in order to suit any type of place.

To meet the above needs in the best way, SOEMA has come up with SIPARIO, a new range of doors in stratificato C-HPL which can be combined with boxes, lockers, benches, etc. The doors of this line are made of 14mm-thick C-HPL laminate and silver-coloured anodized aluminium. The product resulting from the processing of such materials contributes to embellish any type of place enhancing functionality and design.

The doors are endowed with a silver-coloured section bar in anodized aluminium adaptable to any wall thickness (with a minimum of 80 mm). The door panel is made of 14mm-thick solid stratificato laminate. It is scratch-proof with coloured outer finish and inner black kraft. The hinges in anodized aluminium as well as the hardware are devised and manufactured by SOEMA. The ergonomic lock with stainless steel plates and handles are ideal for public places due to their compliance with accident prevention standards.

Optional Sipario C-HPL

3-D3 System (only for single-door hinged doors types A-B-C-D):
- Single steel grab bar (on the pull side)
- Key/key without spring latch lock
- Self-closing spring hinges
Self-closing spring hinges
- Hinges with plates in stainless steel and eccentric spring mechanism. Regularly supplied with double swing doors, they can also be assembled on hinged doors except on types E-F-G-H
Overhead door closer
- to be assembled on all hinged doors (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H)
- Round (single)
- Oval (double)
Anti-panic grab bar
- Anti-panic grab bar for fast push opening to be assembled only on hinged doors (B-D-F-H) with lock B2
Safety grab bar 2070C
- Safety grab bar (to be assembled on hinged doors with outward opening).
- engraved on the door Ventilation grid
- obtained from 9 slits on the door size 560x230
Doors raised from the floor
- for ventilation (height 20/30/100/150/200mm), not suitable for doors E-F-G-H
Single or double vertical grab bar
- stainless steel grab bar (length 460mm)
Self-closing screw hinges
- Hinges in anodized aluminium with self-lubricating bushings. Regularly supplied with doors with lever lock (C1-C2), they can also be assembled on all
types of single swing doors with handle lock (A1-A2-A3-B1-B2-B3)

Types of doors:

- Door with steel grab bar, key/key locks without spring latch, self-closing hinges with spring, slits and porthole

- Door with self-closing hinges with spring and two portholes

- Door for people with disabilities fitted with steel lock complete with free/engaged indication device

1. Spring hinge for "Double swing double door"            2. Anti-panic grab bar

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